"Very useful course with a large number of lap hernias posted over 4 days, giving the participants ample opportunity to appreciate all fine details of different types of lap hernia ( TAPP & TBP) operations.

Being able to scrub up and assist Dr.Padmakumar gave a unique opportunity to be able to perform steps of the operation thereby giving a feel of during the procedure.

Dr.Padmakumar’s constant explanation while doing the procedure reinforces the steps in our minds. I felt no hesitation to able him questions at any point and he never made we feel that any questions was too simple or silly.

The entire team had planned the 4 days very well and co-ordinated between the two hospitals smoothly. Ms.Premna Subin managed the correspondence accommodation arrangements and logistics very cheerfully and efficiently. Overall this course has given me the confidence to be able to attempt lap hernia surgery on my own.

I shall be grateful to the entire team at Sunrise and in particular to Dr.Padmakumar , Dr.Pai & Dr.Farish for their efforts."


"It was a very pleasant experience to see a wide range of TEPP & TAPP procedures over a span of 4 days. I’m really grateful to Dr.Padmakumar & team for practically holding my hands & do. It will be a very useful program for youngsters in particular wanting to learn lap hernia procedure."


"It was a very enlightening experience as i was appreciating the love for laparoscopic surgical procedures. Before i was some restriction in my mind about the advanced laparoscopic procedures but these days out here at sunrise hospital made me overcome these restriction and yes come to a decision that laparoscopic procedures are more better than open procedures.

For this I will thank Dr. Padmakumar and his team for specially Dr. M. Pai and Dr. Farish for nicely looking after the trainees well and overcoming their difficulties.

I would again thank Dr. Padmakumar for doing a great job in terms of training the surgeons and energing their confidence.


"I need to thank Dr.Padmakumar sir for organizing a wonderful Hernia training which no other hospital offer on a large scale basis.

Every step in surgery is taught with perfection and a valuable guidance is given during hands on surgery.

What I would have taken to achieve in 1-2 years was achieved in 4 days time with Complete satisfaction.

I wish Dr.Padmakumar & team for all the support and motivation given. And I would surely come back again for further training programme


Dear Dr. Padmakumar, Dr. Madhukara Pai, Dr. Mabel,

I learned about this hands-on training workshop from my colleague. I had a very good learning experience for 4 days with one-on, hands on experience with Dr. Padmakumar. Having attended many hernia workshops in the past, I never understood the technical aspects of surgery so well. I am confident about starting TAPP/TEP independently.

Thank you so much for the training. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues and juniors in my institution if they can afford to pay this kind of fees. I personally felt it was worth the money.

Thanks a lot

- Dr. Devikumar

I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart.

Starting from day 1 to day 4, we never felt we were away from family. Time flied. I learned so much that we could carry on in our carrier. We will try to follow your surgical techniques to achieve great heights.

Thank you so much for the training. I would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues and juniors in my institution if they can afford to pay this kind of fees. I personally felt it was worth the money.

Thank you once again,

- Dr. Padamkumar

I can’t thank you enough for accepting me to train in your well known hospital and department. I didn’t only feel I am a trainee but also a part of an amazing family.

I learned lots from Dr. Padmakumar and I wish one day I’ll reach half of his achievements and skills. I have around the world but a skillful and innovative surgeon like Dr. Padmakumar I have ever seen.

Dr. Padmakumar has a wonderful, including Dr. Pai and Dr. Mabel who taught me, lots of tips and tricks through each surgery. So thank you for giving me your precious time Dr. Pai & Dr. Mabel.

A special thank goes to the nurses in OT. All of them are so skillful and all the time in rhythm with their senior doctors. Actually I also learned from the nurses.

Premna, hopefully you always shine & fill the department with your beautiful smile. I can’t thank you enough for your help and concerns.

God bless you all

- Dr. Sara Al Bastaki, Dubai, UAE

"Thank you so much for a wonderful learning experience. Hopefully this is a milestone in my surgical carrier along with nice memories.

Thank you sir and your whole team.

- Dr.Praveen Deajau

"Unforgettable experience. May god bless this hospital with choicest of blessings.

Dr.Padmakumar is the prophet .I feel lucky to have a khalifa like him .So many small & big lessons learnt from him.Thanks for everything.

Hope & wish to visit again & again.

- Dr. Rajnish Verma

Thank you sir for teaching Laparoscopic hernia repair in an easy way, step by step and allowing us to operate in your cases. This training programme is the best for laparoscopic surgeon.

- Dr. Ramesh

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to write a feedback on the laparoscopic surgery training.

First of all, I would like to congratulate Dr. Padmakumar and his team that have put up such an unparalleled hands-on clinical training in laparoscopic surgery. With no doubt in my mind, this is definitely the apex centre for surgeons who want to have a truly hands-on training in laparoscopic surgery. During my tenure here, I was given ample hands-on training chances in OT under the expert supervision of Dr. Padmakumar who is an eminent bariatric surgeon and also one of the pioneers in laparoscopic hernia and endoscopic thyroidectomy in India. With his forever untiring efforts and patients, I was given plenty of opportunities in learning and acquiring advanced laparoscopic skils and techniques. I was exposed to the full spectrum of laparoscopic surgery during my stay here. The knowledge and skills which I have acquired here will surely help me tremendously in my future practice. I have not only managed to gain in term of technical skills but also found everlasting friendship here at Sunrise Hospital. I will definitely recommend this excellent quality training program in laparoscopic surgery to any surgeons who want to learn various aspects of laparoscopic surgery.

Congratulation and well done once again!

- Dr.Soon Hua Kho

Sir Thank you very much for teaching me what laparoscopy is. Since I am a beginner in laparoscopy, I think I have made the best decision of coming here for training.

Sir, I would like to thank your whole team Dr.Pai, Dr.farish, Dr.Kiran, Mrs. Premna & all the nursing staff for such a wonderful co-operation & teaching.

Sir, thank you once again.

- Dr. M.Roshan

Respected sir, Tomorrow onwards I can do TEP,TAPP and Ventral hernia in my place without any inhibition. I thanks to all in the team for teaching every points to the students.I can do endoscopic thyroidectomy sir.

- Dr. Bharathi Dhasan

Hi dear Premna

I did my first total thyroidectomy by laparoscope on 5.9.2016. I want to inform you & give special thanks to you & Dr.Padmakumar. Say hello to Dr.Padmakumar & his great team.

Sincerely yours,

- Dr. Mehranaz Ataei

Respected Dr. Padmakumar sir, Dr. Madhukara Pai, Dr. Mabel Ma’m,

It was my privilege to get Hernia training from such a reputed surgeon of India. I have been trying long to get into this training. After attending this training course it’s just time I am able to feel confidence in doing hernia surgery on my own.

I appreciate team effort in getting this course organized and they make sure how to get the best .

Thanking you,

- Dr. Utkarsh

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